About Lehra Devi Temple

The famous place of Maa Lehra Devi Mandir is a historical, religious and very old temple of goddess Durga in the city of Anand Nagar (today known as Tahesil Pharenda) in Maharajganj district, Uttar Pradesh. The nearest railway station is Lehra railway station It is around 2 kilometer from the temple.

It is believed that this temple exists from Dvapar Yuga , before the Mahabharat war, and founded by Lord Krisna in the presence of Pandvas during the Agyatvaas time of the Pandvas. Earlier it was in jungle Adrvan, today known as adrawna village.

Today here many peoples comes from many cities, town and villages to every day for worship, but here Tuesday is a very important day for the devotees they used to come every day but Tuesday has its own importance.

In Maa Lehda Devi Temple area, here you will find each items related to worship, like Chunri, Narial, Phool, Sindoor and Prasad.  So in this holy place who will comes with any desires, Maa Lehra Devi Blessed them.

Also here become a lot of crowd of devotees in Chaitra Navaratri festival. In this festival, there had a big fair for some days. In this fair there is a lot of shops of different things like sweets, jewellery, shoes, toys and different types of swings, zoo, theaters etc. So here children, youths & old anyone can enjoy here in this fair.
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